Late Night With the Devil’s Ending, Explained

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The following contains spoilers for Late Night with the Devil, now playing in theaters.

As the horror movie genre continues to evolve, it’s a Golden Age for exorcism and demonic possession movies again. While The Exorcist: Believer didn’t hit the mark, movies like The Pope’s Exorcist, Evil Dead Rise and Insidious: Red Door helped keep the momentum going. It seems that even The First Omen is going to continue the trend of demon-centric movies.


Also continuing the demon-centric horror movie trend is Late Night with the Devil, which places female demons at the forefront of a talk show, where David Dastmalchian plays Jack Delroy. He’s a host seeking to boost ratings for his Night Owls program, not realizing that, in his desperation, he is going to unleash hell. This leads to a terrifying ending that plays on the idea of ego, toxic masculinity and the price many people are willing to pay for fame.

Late Night with the Devil’s Demonic Conversation Goes Awry



Late Night with the Devil Earns $666K at Sunday Box Office, Setting New Record

The new horror movie Late Night with the Devil has earned $666,666 at the box office for Sunday with the film breaking a new record in the process.

In the events of Late Night with the Devil, Jack has an array of guests on during Halloween. He needs to boost ratings because his contract is winding down. The show hasn’t been performing well, so he relies on shock factor and exploitation to become a bigger draw. After the first guest communicates with spirits from the other side, Jack hides that the psychic medium, Christou, died en route to the hospital after vomiting his life out. Jack doesn’t see it as a red flag, even though it is a sign that the medium is connected to something diabolical.