The DCU Has A Chance to do Something that No Other Superhero Movie Has Done Before

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Why the DCU Needs the Legion of Doom


Super Villain Teams Represent What DC and Marvel Comics Are All About

The DCU may be getting into the superhero cinematic business a little late, but it’s looking to start big with Superman in 2025. While the previous DCEU tried to rush the process to catch up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it ended up falling flat and feeling boring. The DCU needs to set itself apart from not only the MCU but also the disasters of the DCEU. This means that the new cinematic universe needs to distinguish itself from everything that has come before. There is a simple way to do this and it is by featuring supervillain teams, like the Legion of Doom, front and center. While Suicide Squad has shown anti-heroes, almost no superhero movies have ever made a team of villains the big bad of the franchise, and it’s about time that it happens.

DC and Marvel are full of incredible villainous teams like the Legion of Doom, the Hellfire Club, and even the Crime Syndicate. Despite these strong teams with a deep comic book history, almost none of them have ever been featured as the marquee villain of a movie. While Sebastian Shaw and the Hellfire Club made somewhat of an appearance in X-Men: First Class and the Brotherhood of Mutants was in the original X-Men trilogy, DC and the MCU has been completely devoid of a villain team to match the Avengers or the Justice League. The DCU can set itself apart by putting the Legion of Doom or the Injustice Gang as its central conflict.

Why the DCU Needs the Legion of Doom


Superman Brings a New Justice League Member to the DCU, and the Perfect Blueprint Already Exists

Hawkgirl is set to debut in James Gunn’s upcoming Superman film, and his version of the character should take inspiration from an animated classic.

The Legion of Doom first appeared in the animated series Challenge of the Superfriends in 1978 and then in the comics in 1996.

The Legion is generally made up of Lex Luthor, The Joker, Gorilla Grodd, Cheetah, Black Manta, and Sinestro.

There is no doubt that a superhero movie is only as good as its villain. Without a compelling villain for the hero to fight against, it can be hard for audiences to feel invested in the story of the film. One of the many problems with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is the utter lack of a compelling villain. When the Justice League came up against Steppenwolf it suffered the same issue, Steppenwolf felt insignificant against the more powerful Justice League. When facing off with the Justice League, it can certainly be difficult to make anything short of an intergalactic threat feel powerful and significant enough that it makes a worthy opponent. This is why the Legion of Doom, or villain teams like them are so important.

The Legion of Doom represents the worst of each hero coming together against them. They share common dark goals and together they make a far for the compelling threat that each one is on their own. The MCU has extensively covered world-ending and even galaxy-ending threats. From Thanos, Loki, and Ultron, fans have become numb to the end-of-the-world storytelling that the MCU’s big team-up movies are built. The Legion of Doom can provide the incredible rogues gallery of DC Comics to get their own “Avengers” moment. The fans can see these characters like Lex Luthor, and The Joker recruiting other heroes to their cause, not to end the world, but simply just to kill the heroes and turn the world back over to the villains. Fighting against heroes as a Legion also throws the heroes off balance. Superman may be used to fighting against Lex Luthor, but not against the power of fear that Sinestro wields. The villains can pool resources, abilities, and knowledge to end the Age of Heroes and begin a new age of villains.

Super Villain Teams Represent What DC and Marvel Comics Are All About

DC's villains unite in Forever Evil.

The Flash explains Peacemaker's presence in the DCU.


Peacemaker’s New Canon in the DCU Isn’t Confusing, The Flash Explained it Perfectly

Even though Peacemaker’s move from the new DCU is confusing many fans, the events of The Flash has already given them a perfectly logical explanation.

Comics are about the battle of good and evil and having teams like Legion of Doom and Sinister Six represent that dichotomy.

Villain teams can help comic book movies move away from the Multiverse and constant intergalactic villains.

At their core, superhero comics and films are about the battle of good vs. evil. The MCU has represented this beautifully with its heroes being shinning beacons of hope against all the darkness that beseeched them. The DCEU felt like it forgot about this struggle, especially with Superman, and wanted to focus more on the darkness within the heroes, rather than the inspiration they are meant to be. If the Justice League represents the pinnacle of good in the DCU, then the Legion of Doom is their polar opposite. For as much as the Justice League can inspire the world, the Legion of Doom can devastate the collective consciousness and make people question the goodness of humanity. This acts as a physical representation of the battle between good and evil and provides an opposite for each hero to fight against. The Legion reflects the worst aspect of each hero and forces them to confront that darkness.

While seeing Darkseid get proper treatment on the screen, it feels too quick for when the Justice League eventually forms in the new DCU. Darkseid is also a little too close to Thanos and if the DCU is looking to avoid as many MCU comparisons as possible, then it is another great route to avoid him and many other galactic threats. Using the Legion of Doom allows the DCU to tell a story that is far more intimate and smaller in scale, while still creating the tension and high stakes that are needed for the big team-up movies. The Legion of Doom places the world in danger without having to overcomplicate the story and make a world-ending threat, yet it can work as a closer character study of the heroes and the villains they fight against.

The MCU has revolutionized the comic book movie genre and DC has to create a shared cinematic universe that even comes close to it. As the DCU gets ready to launch with Creature Commandos, working up to a Legion of Doom alongside a Justice League would be the right choice to make. The Legion of Doom is the mirrored reflection of the Justice League and allows the villains to get the spotlight, without having to be made into anti-heroes. To Set itself apart from what came before, having a supervillain team-up is a great first step.

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