The Teen Titans Movie Can Fix the Live-Action Show’s Biggest Mistake

Teen TItans Characters


James Gunn’s Teen Titans movie should be lighthearted to contrast the dark, emotionally heavy Titans show.


The Teen Titans movie can look at Blue Beetle and Shazam to cultivate a balance between action and comedy.

A Teen Titans movie can fill a market gap for teenage superhero properties to capturing a new audience.

With James Gunn’s DCU picking up momentum production-wise, fans have been eager to learn about more of the movies that are on the docket. Superman is already in motion, with David Corenswet as the new Man of Steel. This film will also bring other heroes into play, such as Guy Gardner, Hawkgirl and Mr. Terrific.

Interestingly, another ensemble movie is in the pipeline. This is none other than a live-action Teen Titans movie. There might be some fan reservations, with many wanting the DCU to focus on building solo heroes before going into group projects. It’s what Zack Snyder’s DCEU lacked, and what helped the early MCU Phases succeed. However, Teen Titans has one major advantage in that it can learn from the mistakes of the Max Titans TV show.

What Was the Max Titans TV Show About?


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Titans on Max (formerly HBO Max) was a dark and gritty spin on the iconic Teen Titans lineup that depicted the characters as older and working under Dick Grayson. It was very much an adult take, filled with profanity, nudity and excessive violence. It began when Dick relinquished his Robin persona after Batman turned dark. By the end of Season 2, Dick took on the Nightwing identity and worked alongside Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and in Season 4, Tim Drake.